"Snill Pike" Mug

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"Snill Pike" cup old Norwegian tradition, designed Anna Strom.Snill Pike- Good girl, Cup for Good girl, present, cup for a girl, porcelain, gift, the idea for

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Snill Pike cup old Norwegian tradition, design Anna Strom


Ø - 9 cm


Bone china porcelain

Kraft carton gift pack

4 different types

From design of Norway AS

" Slem pike" from "Snill pike" collection

"Snill pike " mug is an old Norwegian traditional gift for girls who now comes in a new, updated design, different mugs for nice girls and more rebellious girls.

,, Snill pike ,, - nice girl

,, Slem pike,, - rebel girl

but we have also ,, Snill pike?,, Are you nice?

Idea and design: Anna and Kjell Erik Strøm / Design of Norway AS

We have 4 different mugs .You can also collect all series.